CD-Sprudio™ Attitude Of Gratitude Subliminal

Attitude of Gratitude Subliminal Audio CD

If you ever heard "Count Your Blessing" then you know what this subliminal CD will do to your mind. Instead to stress on the things you do not have, be thankful for the things you have. If you stress on things that are impossible to change like your past, your age, then use this subliminal CD. Stress is your enemy, learning for what to be grateful for it will give you a sense of enlightenment. Our subliminal CD will bring you to that blessing state where you will realize what rich and beautiful your life is.

This subliminal CD comes in three backgrounds. The positive affirmations are printed on your back case. For more info and sample please visit and see what this product is all about.
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For a complete description of this product please visit our page in our website. Positive affirmations are disclosed there and also you can benefit from playing a sample.

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