CD-Sprudio™ Alpha Woman

Alpha woman, The Alpha Female

Our subliminal Alpha woman recordings can penetrate your subconscious and re-program your habitual thoughts of feeling caged into one way of thinking. If you are ready to explore your inner Alpha woman, our program is ready for you to listen to and does not require any heavy lifting from you!

Alpha Woman, Subliminal CD/MP3

This is a subliminal to help you become an Alpha Woman, an ultimately successful woman.
Who is the alpha woman?
The alpha woman is definitely assertive, not afraid to assert herself and ask for what she wants
She is not afraid of her femininity.
She don't think that must be her mate to continue the family ménage from an economic point of view.
The alpha woman is not afraid to feel like or equal to the men around her: she is absolutely sure of her worth.

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