Sprudio™ Develop Telepathy Skills Silent Subliminal MP3

Develop Telepathy Skills / Mind Reading Silent Subliminal MP3

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The signals are out there. You have picked up on them before and you know you can do it deliberately if given the chance. You need to pay special attention to the signs, the meaningful signals that tell you much more than they reveal to others. Your subconscious mind is infinitely more talented in this area than the limited conscious; now, you can begin to unravel the truth about telepathy and mind reading by opening your subconscious mind to these hidden channels of communication!

Sample Affirmations :

I can connect with anyone I want. I can enter in anyone’s mind. I can hear anyone thoughts. I am in control. My power is growing every day. I can talk with people from far away. It is in my power, my mind is my guide. I can pick-up these vibes from this psychic field. I know what others are thinking. I can control other people moves

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