Sprudio™ Develop Clairvoyance Silent Subliminal MP3

Develop Clairvoyance Silent Subliminal MP3

Sample Affirmations :

I receive energy from universe. I am energy. My consciousness is pure energy. Energy is unlimited. My energy expands. I can use my energy. I expand my energy. I consciously employ energy. Life force is energy. Astral travel is a natural extension of energy. I can remote view. It is in my power. My mind is powerful. I am able to perceive and understand objects and events. I have the gift, power and ability of seeing and hearing beyond the human knowledge. I am seeing clearly details about your life My Mind is my eyes. I am psychic, I am telepathic

Your subconscious can actually pick up and understand the content of this mp3 while other audio (like TV) is playing. The first benefit from having a silent subliminal, is that you can not get bored of listening to the same music over and over again, and no one around you knows that you are listening to subliminal. In some cases peoplefeel embarrassed to say that they use subliminal; for example, someone who is quitting alcohol.Note: Digital audio players will not display graphics during silent tracks (the signal is on a different frequency).Please do not play loud, would be like someone scream in to your brain bypassing the ears.

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