Sprudio™ Addictive Personality Ocean Subliminal MP3

Stop being addictive.

Addictive Personality

Some people are more likely to become addicted to anything than others are. If this is you, you know it- why not work to change this limiting factor in your life? Subliminal audio can help, and here is an MP3 that has been developed to combat the tendency to become addicted, period.

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Sample Affirmations :

I am capable of controlling myself. I will take control of my behaviors. I can succeed in containing my compulsive/addictive behaviors. I can be rational, realistic, and healthy in my thinking, emotions, and actions. I am a capable, lovable person who deserves to let go of the uncontrolled ways of my past so that I can grow, flourish, and be successful in my attempts to gain control in my life. I will be a healthier person once I focus my efforts onto control of myself. I will cease using manipulation, helplessness, and overreaction with the people I am over dependent on. I will establish healthy, emotional boundaries between me and the people in my life.

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