Sprudio™ Meditation and Relaxation Music Subliminal MP3

Meditation and Relaxation Subliminal

Meditation and Relaxation with Subliminal from Sprudio. If you can't relax on your own our subliminal will help.

Running time 59:45 min.

Clear out all of the day’s baggage; the cobwebs; the negative ju-ju; information overload; and above all, the stress! Re-focus on the dream, the plan, the positive – go deep. Breathe. Sleep deeper, feel better and keep these skills forever. Use this subliminal MP3 often, at least in the beginning, and you just might get to be capable of relaxation whenever you need it most. Don’t let stress win!

Sample Affirmations :

Can be read in our website. Meditation And Relaxation Subliminal

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