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Silent Subliminal MP3 Dream Vivid Colors

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Young or adult, we dream. Our dreams are not always in color. Create a vivid colorful dream using the power of your mind.. This Track is ultra silent, nothing to hear but the subliminal messages are there.

IMPORTANT: The Download Links will expire after 5 downloads or 120 hours which one comes first. You will need to request additional downloads after that time period.

Sample Affirmations

I am becoming more creative and flexible. I like to observe and remember colors. New colors. I see reds, feel like energy. I see gold as accomplishment. I like blue and brown, and violet and orange. I will remember dreaming in vivid colors. Dreams have rich, glowing, bright colors. Ideas are like beautiful fireworks in my dreams. My new dreams are colorful and vivid. I can observe my dreams in a detached way. I can continue to dream even when I discover that I am dreaming. My new dreams are very colorful. Yellow, green, red, blue, a dream like a rainbow.