Sprudio™ Improve your Tennis Skills Silent Subliminal MP3

Improve your Tennis Skills Silent Subliminal Mp3

Improve your Tennis Skills Silent Mp3

This subliminal Mp3 will help you to be more relaxed and confident out there! Visualize the shot; think positive and win. Breathe; focus; and finally, block out distractions. One of the most important things in tennis is to keep the eye on the ball. Nine players out of ten lose sight of a ball shortly after it crosses the net. Believe it or not, tennis is very physically demanding. Don’t get nervous and choke when the pressure is on. Breathe. Don’t think about what not to do when you’re out there; concentrate on the goal. Positive thinking works miracles in sports! Help train mentally with subliminal audio- this Mp3 is a generic tennis tool with NLP, brainwave generator technology

Sample Affirmations

I keep my eyes on the ball. I am in excellent shape. I have control over the tennis ball. My return is clean and precise. I am confident when I am playing tennis. My swing is accurate. I am relaxed. I calculate distance. I am wining always. I am a great tennis player I play tennis easy. I always know to shot perfect balls. I make every tennis shot perfectly I see the tennis ball early. My tennis skills are improving. I have great co-ordination. I know what I have to do to play better. Great tennis comes easily to me. I always anticipate my opponent's shots. I serve with power and precision.

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