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Sprudio™ Motivation - Stop Procrastination Silent Subliminal MP3

Motivation / End Procrastination, Get Inspiration Silent Subliminal

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Putting off unpleasant tasks can get out of hand; eventually, they can seem huge. Then, when you finally address them, you think “wow, that wasn’t so bad, I should have done it a long time ago.” Or maybe you really are facing a lot of work, and the motivation is just not there.

Audio MP3 Download - This is NOT a CD. It is a digital file that you download. Download the MP3 file to your PC or Mac.
Motivation / End Procrastination, Get Inspiration Silent Subliminal

Sample Affirmations :

I am motivated. I am doing what needs to be done. I am achieving my goals. I like achieving my goals. I am working towards my goals. I feel passionately that I must do my work. My goals are very important to me. I am happy achieving my goals. I am always highly motivated. Every day I fulfill my tasks easily. I love achieving success. I am full of enthusiasm. Motivation give me pleasure. I love being on time with my tasks. I am competitive. I enjoy completing my plans. i am very motivated. I am doing everything that needs to be done in time. I enjoy the time free left after completing the task. I am organized, and motivation is name.

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