Silent Subliminal MP3 Improve your Visualization Skills

Improve your Visualization Skills Silent Subliminal MP3

Improve your Visualization Skills Silent Subliminal MP3

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This is a toll for improving your visualization. When you wish to imagine something and create a clear picture in your brain.
Improve imagining of touch, smell, sound or taste. This silent subliminal is created to cause you to have very vivid visualizations.
This is a subliminal that would actually increase the vividness and colors of a person's visualization itself. You can have the power to visualize extremely vividly actually turning any object you are seeing with your physical eyes into a different color that you see with your mind's eye.
Sample Affirmations :

I can see images in my mind.
When I close my eyes, I visualize naturally.
Visualization is easy for me.
When I close my eyes, I can image any object.
I can change the shape and colors of objects in my mind.
When closing my eyes, I can see vivid and vibrant colors.
I can visualize places easily.
I can visualize objects easily.
I can visualize people easily.
I can interact with my visualizations.
Remembering smells helps me visualize vivid
Sounds make me visualize objects or places.
I can visualize clearly things I can't see but I can touch.
I can bring old memory and visualize that I have experienced.
Every day I am better at visualization
I can visualize anything
Visualization is easy for me
I can visualize anything at will
I have great visualization skills!
I am a visualization expert!


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