Sprudio™ Improve your Self Esteem Silent Subliminal MP3

Improve your Self Esteem Silent Subliminal MP3

Find it, focus on it. Improve and increase it. Low self-esteem is a huge, limiting problem for many (you are not alone). You can improve your self-confidence by working on it. One way to accomplish this is to listen to this subliminal MP3, which contains multiple positive reinforcements to get through to your subconscious mind in a permanent way.

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Improve your Self Esteem Silent Subliminal MP3

Sample Affirmations :

"I can justify what I do. I am right. I am confident. I enjoy challenges. I am a brave person. I am interesting. People like me. I have lots of friends. I am good at what I do.I am in control of myself. I can succeed because I am in control.. I am succeeding. I am getting stronger. I am responsible for my own happiness.. I am only responsible for my own decision.. People don't change and I am aware of this. I am happy. People like me. I am a nice person. I am important. I make a difference to the world . I am motivated. I like my work. I am succeeding. I am positive. I am confident. I manage my money well. I am a responsible person. I am in control of my life. I am doing more of the things I enjoy. I am achieving my goals. People make me happy I have self esteem. I have confidence in my own decisions. I feel good about the choices I make and what I can do. I am becoming happier."

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