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I know you are a good parent, but may be you have doubts. Boost your self confidence, or adjust yourself to understand and accept your kids. Persistence is a virtue shared by the successful: you will not achieve your goals by giving up, obviously. Maybe an adustment is in order, or even a total plan re-write. Keep in mind that failures are to be learned from and ultimate success is not only possible, but inevitable if you do not quit. With this philosophy firmly planted in your subconscious mind, the conscious will follow and you can live by it. You will succeed.

Subliminal Messages Used for this MP3 :

I can have patience with children because I understand them. I like to guide children and mold them slowly and deliberately. I enjoy children. I manage my time effectively. I have energy and use it wisely. My biggest job in life is to be a good parent. It is great to be a parent. I welcome the responsibility of parenting. I like to watch my children grow and learn. I help my children to feel safe and happy. I want to give them security and fun. I can discipline my children effectively. I am firm but entertaining for children. I am good at parenting because I like it so much. I make things fun for my kids. Children like me and I deserve their attention. I feel good about myself. I provide a good example for my children. I am patient with children. I understand how they think. I guide my kids for their future. I work at time management with the child in mind. Being a good parent is satisfying. I manage my time effectively. I like kids and they like me. My child is most important and I inspire children. I show them that life can be good and fun and happy

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