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Sprudio™ Mind Power Seduction (law of attraction) Music Subliminal MP3

Use the power of your mind to succeed in love and life.

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Running time 62 min.

The experiences and events in your life are the result of what you have chosen to allow in to your life. Any negative thing that happens to you, it is because you allowed happening to you... You might not have asked to be poor or broken heart, but you allowed it to happen. Positive thinking allows you to request and accomplish a better life. The fact is that your mind can affect your surroundings and change your destiny. Therefore, the expression :'your dreams can come true" it is in fact the materialization of your thoughts and it is something that you are already fully experienced already.
Hence your mind should easily believe that you can get anything you want in life. Use your mind power to seduce others, bring great success in to your life and change the way you feel or are.

Sample Affirmations :

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