Sprudio™ Eat Small Portions Diet Keeping Silent Subliminal MP3

Eat Small Portions Diet Keeping Silent Subliminal MP3

Pizza, soda, snacks and more are loaded with carbs and calories. Some of us are subject to craving the intake of these dastardly diet-dissolving demons of destruction! Stick to your diet and watch those calories, with the help of subliminal audio.
Sample Affirmations

I eat very small portions I am lucky I am easily satiated. I love to eat small portions. I am so grateful I do not eat between meals. I crave raw food. I crave fruit and vegetables. I am full after a few mouthfuls. All surplus fat is melting away. I feel wonderful and energetic. My body is trim and healthy. My metabolism is fast and healthy. I am lucky I do not retain weight. I love being trim and vibrant.

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