Music Subliminal MP3 Good Behavior, Respect Your Parents

Running time 30 min.

Be a Good Child and Respect your Parents it is in your power!! Teenagers today have behavioral problems (not exactly a news flash). In this world where media and friends can negatively influence your child, you can take action and actively mold his or her behavior. Try this subliminal Mp3 that can help bring peace, harmony and happiness to your family. We wish you Good Luck. Subliminal messages dirrected to your subconscious mind can eventually be stronger than the negative thought patterns.

Sample Affirmations :

Sample Messages :

I respect my parents. I like to clean my room. I do my homework. I avoid staying out too late. I am eating my vegetables. I am putting away my personal things. I only watch a little TV. Only the good shows. It feels good to make my parents happy. I understand my parent’s worries. I am a good child. I love to make my parents proud of me. I have good results in school. I am respectful. I dress properly. I only like good influences. I am happy with my neat life. I love my parents. My parents love me. My parents respect me. I respect and help people. I am lucky to have parents that love me. I love to see my parents smiling. I respect my teachers. I take care of chores at home. I contribute.

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